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Making Your Business Processes Smart & Connecting You With Your Success With the Internet of Things Software

Martvalley Services is a pioneer in providing IoT software and solutions. We have developed innovative IoT software as the leading IoT service provider. To simplify and improve complex product growth, our IoT professionals design personalized and innovative IoT technologies.

We make sure to create memorable wireless experiences with new IoT gadgets. Check out Martvalley's best IoT developers to support platforms in businesses and companies.


Providing Wide-Range Of Productive Internet of Things Software And Solution Across The Verticals


Web Bluetooth Apps Development

Web Bluetooth lets you directly monitor any Bluetooth low power system (smart home appliances, accessories for healthcare) from your mobile phone, without the need to download an app.


Wearable IoT Software

Our professional Internet of Things team designs the wearable apps. We offer a wide assortment of industries in the IoT software and solution of wearable apps such as fitness trackers, AI hearing aids, etc.


iBeacon Apps Development

We give our customers customized solutions for iBeacon. Some of iBeacon's implementations include improved in-shop experience, better mapping, better indoor placement, etc.


Blockchain IoT Applications

Safe and frictionless communication is possible between the sensors, public ledgers, and databases with our blockchain network for maximizing supply chain visibility and quality assurance.


Machine Learning IoT Projects

In collaboration with IoT and machine learning technology, applications such as predictive maintenance, CCTV tracking, predictable supply chain could be established at Martvalley Services.


Big Data + Internet of Things

The Big Data System gathers many non-structured data generated by IoT devices to view them and infer interesting IoT data conclusions correctly.

Smart Home Use Case For IoT Software Development

Internet of Things smart home software service

Smart Heating

Monitoring and notifying users about when they could save their electricity consumption by using less heating.


Smart Gardening

The IoT sensors allow intelligent gardening systems to combine remotely controlled, automatic water-saving sprinkler systems and robot lawnmowers.


Video Doorbells

It offers people the ability to receive video calls from doorbells. Users can use IoT applications from their mobile phones to open close their homes remotely.


Personal Assistants

The number of data accessible for personal assistants has risen as our society is wholly linked and automated.

Smart Healthcare Use Case For IoT Software Development

Internet of Things smart healthcare software

Remote Patient Monitoring

By designing the IoT applications for mobile devices, patient data is exchanged with healthcare practitioners in real-time.

Health & Safety Services

Automated workflows that optimize medical care reduce human errors and improve the comfort of the patients.

Improve Patient's Assistance

Developing an integrated IoT technology to transform the working relationship between clinicians, patients, and healthcare maintenance providers.

Retail IoT Use Case For IoT Software Development

IOT software development

Retail Supply Chain

Achieve competition gain and raise profits by enhancing customer service at the single square foot of the brick & mortar shops in the retail supply chain.

Smart Shelves

Early awareness of stock levels, perishable products' shelf life, and constructive warnings on production, delivery, and supply levels.

Delivery Operations

Redraw point-to-point smart sensor distribution systems that reduce carriage distance, delivery time, and fuel efficiency.

Warehouse Automation

Build automated warehouses and use the embedded system to optimize inventory movement.


Providing Business Automation & Business Development By Making Use Of Our Flawless Internet of Things Software Development

IoT Applications

The IoT system manager will still monitor user operation from anywhere. The IoT application helps administrators communicate with smart devices by sending commands (Cloud services authenticate device messages), which enable the machine to perform the task.

IP Addresses

The networking protocol (IPv6, the new IP version) provides location and network device recognition and plays a vital role in IoT service. Both computers need to allocate an IP address on the internet to connect with another user.

IoT Gateways

By configuring custom-designed devices, Internet of Things gateways can be created. It links users to the internet via various networking modes such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, iBeacon, BLE, etc.

Cloud Servers

If the device's information (data) is obtained, such as Device ID and the current state, it saves and continues on the cloud server. The data used to execute actions after the operation makes the system function intelligently.


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  • Useful analysis often delivers good advantages. We address the team's needs and ensure that we have the right approach for application development according to your requirement.

  • UI/UX architecture is our first note of concern. We track the latest UI/UX architecture developments to give your product a fascinating and attractive design.

  • 03 Cross-Browser Functionality

    Cross-browser features consistent with all computer models of varying sizes in all browsers.

  • 04 High Performance & Speed

    Our Internet of Things framework offers a straightforward user interface and loads in 3 seconds to improve your conversions and aid in Google classification.


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