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Elevating The Way Your Organization Prepares The Learning Path For Its Employees With Our
E-learning Management System

Martvalley Services has a team of experts who enable employees to create distinct behavior changes or acquire information vital to organizational needs through a custom e-learning management system. By using real-life scenarios applicable to the work, our personalized eLearning services deliver high engagement. We align the material with the company's principles, company priorities, and branding in mind.

We offer easy access to our eLearning program by effectively delivering on-demand learning wherever they need. Our professional educational designers and developers build custom e-learning management systems to minimize the efforts required to make any adjustments. We provide evaluations that are helpful to both the students and the business. We help to train workers and boost their productivity, resulting in an improved ROI.


Delivering Custom eLearning Modules To Enhance The Overall Productivity While
Following Your Requirements

Online Assessment

The online evaluation at Martvalley Services includes components that have laid the groundwork for scrutinized assessment solutions. In custom e-learning management systems, our online review comprises formative, diagnostic, and summative solutions.

Instructor-Led Training

At Martvalley Services, the instructors provide instruction using interactive models such as video-conferencing resources in a lecture or classroom format. Our teachers have facilitation and teaching skills to involve the learners in various approaches and accept diverse types of e-learning management system services.

Content Migration To HTML5

With a rise in e-learning management systems, organizations are now trying to adapt their flash courses to HTML5. Martvalley Services has extensive experience transforming flash migration to HTML5 eLearning modules to help clients meet their need for investment in migration.

Simulation & Game-Based e-learning management systems

Martvalley Services has a pool of professional software developers and educators who use simulation and game-based learning to help students understand complex theories. In a blended approach, our instructional designers design custom e-learning management systems to make learning enjoyable.

Web-Based e-learning management systems

Our Web-based training (WBT) is a custom e-learning development solution based on an internet browser, including audio/video streaming, animations, webinars, forums, and instant messaging. Martvalley Services has a qualified team that is effective in creating WBT programs.

Mobile e-learning management systems Services

An open and straightforward approach to virtual learning is mobile learning. The educational institution uses the immediate sharing of information, reviews, and tips and makes learning simple and cost-effective. Martvalley is an intelligent source of custom eLearning services for its customers.

KEY FEATURES OF OUR e-learning management systems

Promoting Learning Outcomes For Your Organization With A Solution Designed For Skills Development

Relevant & Authentic

Courses are explicitly built according to the rules of your brand and style.

Meaningful & Motivational

Learner-centered and visually rich courses draw students to the training content that offers a customized learning experience.

Memorable & Measurable

Our e-learning courses comply with SCORM and AICC to help you track the learner's progress via the learning management systems (LMS).

Interactive Learning Environment

Our gamified approach provides a fun atmosphere during the course with practical challenges and allows users to explore and learn.

E-learning management


Bringing Your Existing Training Content To Life Using Our Precise Process

Planning & Analysis

At this point, the stakeholders decide the course format, learning goals, project objectives, scope, etc.


Content Gathering

The project team selects, sorts, synthesizes, and organizes the material of the course. Content will likely come from many sources, including internal records, online analysis, and subject matter experts (SMEs).


Template Development

Usually, models consist of blank placeholders that mark your course's essential elements, such as the welcome slide, goals, and reviews for the time.


Course Development

The eLearning module developers create the course using one or more custom software tools and programming interfaces to develop eLearning services.



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Why E-learning Modules


  • Our development team for eLearning services meets the highest quality criteria for textual, auditory, and visual presentation.

  • We begin the design with the end in mind when we start working on a course. The best way to ensure that the learning objectives are met is by writing measurable learning goals.

  • 03 Higher Flexibility

    We create personalized eLearning services that provide an efficient, professional development experience. This experience gives learners total autonomy and responsibility for their learning.

  • 04 Innovative Creativity

    Our custom eLearning process is designed around the goal of creatively approaching each project, especially when dealing with topics that may be dull.


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